Flounder gigging  with Guide Captain James Parbst on the waters of Rockport Port Aransas Corpus Christi and Aransas Pass fishing report. 

As the summer heat sets-in we will see flounder fall into there summertime patterns. Hanging out in the sand pockets of the flats and along main channels with sandy bottoms are a great place to start.  People come from far and wide for a chance to get there hands on this tasty fish here in Port Aransas, Rockport. known as the best eating fish of the sea. Many will try there luck walking the many banks with hand held lights, but by far the most successful way is a custom boat made to gig flounder from where you can cover much more ground quicker and best if all no walking is involved. If you do choose to do the walking and gigging method make sure to look out for stingrays they have been very plentiful this year this time and I assure you nothing will ruin a fun night of flounder gigging faster than a barb from a stingray.

Flounder are the trickiest fish to find and it is highly advisable to hire a guide that can put you on the fish…. so make sure to check the guides Facebook page to make sure they have been on the fish. flounder are just about everywhere if you know where to look making for some good fast action in June.

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About the Texas Coastal Bend:

South Texas is truly fishing mecca where people come from all over to enjoy what is said to be the best inshore fishing in the nation. With bays stacked on top of bays there is just so much great water to choose from. For any fisherman its hard to pick and choose were to put your effort in there is no such thing as a bad choice. But I have say its very hard to beat Corpus Christi Bay and Aransas Bay. The Port Aransas jetties bring constant flushing of water and with it is lot of fish, bait fish best of all lots easy to reach spots for all you kayakers and rod & reel fisherman. The road from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas offer lots of great opportunities for both Kayakers and waders along both sides of the road with lots of  nice places to stay after a hard day of fish fighting here in Rockport Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. With many of them right on beach, just steps away from sinking your  toes in the soft sand  of the beautiful beaches that we have here. Its just amazing how relaxing a walk on the beach is or just closing your eyes and listening to the surf and letting all your troubles drift away. No doubt about it this is paradise. With great fishing beautiful beaches so many great fun things to do. Just make sure to book you hotel and fishing guide early with spring break.  No matter how great the fishing reports across the web have been. The true variable is the fishing guide you hire!


How To Choose The Right Fishing Guide:

Every year thousands  book fishing trips with more than 300 guides down here. Just like restaurants some are great and others you wonder how in the world are they still in business. So here is a few things to ask and checkout to make sure you don’t get stuck with Captain Lame.

#1 look for the guides Facebook page. This is very popular for fishing guides to post recent trips to let everyone know how well their recent trips have gone. If the guide doesn’t have a Facebook page this should be a quick red flag and stay away warning. Most of these guides are the ones that come back with only a fish or 2 and claim they have been fishing for many years and don’t need to post recent fishing trips to show they can catch fish.  Proof is in the pudding!

#2 time limits, got to laugh at these pay check captains I often seen some guides back at the docks no matter what in 4 hours 1 fish or 20 fish and very seldom is it ever the 20 fish. A good flounder guide will stick it out until you have your limit of flounder or request to come in.

#3 ask lots of question.

How Many People Can Flounder Gig At Once?

Some boats only 1 person gets to gig at a time. While other boats up to 4 people can gig at the same time.

Some  captains don’t allow smoking, alcohol or kids.

Some Captains will gig your fish then hand the gig off to the clients and I assure you nothing is worse than paying lots of money to only watch the captain do all the gigging or only 1 person gigging at a time  while the other people on the boat  just sit there.

#4 ask about fish fishing cleaning. I once seen a fishing guide pull fish from a cooler and hand them to a client in a plastic Walmart bag.

#5 pick a guide that specializes in what you want to target. Avoid the jack of all trade guides. Pick a offshore guide for offshore, a bay guide for bay fishing and a flounder gigging guide for flounder. These fish are constantly on the move, sand pockets appear and disappear, changing sand bars. Its just flat out impossible for a guide to be out all day long staying on top of the latest hotspots for reds and trout and to be up every night chasing and searching for flounder in their millions of hiding spots and know which ones are producing flounder.

With Nocturnal Assault Flounder Gigging Guide Service up to 4 people may gig at once. Beer, alcohol and children are always welcome. Its about having fun on my boat. We wont come in without our limits unless you tell us to. Often we are able to get limits quickly but other nights for some reason the flounder didn’t get the memo of where we were suppose to meet at and it takes a little longer to find them. We clean you fish for you that night and best of all I let you gig your own fish and if you miss a few no big deal… we will find more!

Give me a call today to schedule a fun filled night of flounder gigging.  361-222-6007
Nocturnal Assault Flounder Gigging Guide Service Of Rockport Port Aransas and Corpus Christi Tx
With Professional Flounder Gigging Guide, James Parbst 


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